Monique Schep

‘A clear perspective on people and their potential’

As an inspiring coach and teacher, Monique leads the way by letting people (re)discover the potential they have and how to tap into it. As an artist she learned that “everything exists already, you just have to discover it”. In her work as a coach, adviser and teacher, she implements this wisdom by helping people to reconnect with themselves. Monique obtained a versatile eduction at the St. Joost Academy of Arts, the Institute for Integral Psychology (ITIP) and the Centre for Intuitive and Creative Development.

Monique inspires, activates, confronts, but also lets things run their natural paths. She combines her ability to connect with people on a deeper level with curiosity, humor and her unique perspective. Thus she provides a safe space for people to open up, critically self reflect and think ‘outside the box’. By being goal-oriented and tenacious she is able to provide direction to the exploratory expedition and ensures progress and results.

M +31 610 921 117