Structure, tranquility and an overview for hard working entrepreneurs with boundless ambition

Many entrepreneurs dream about fast growth for their company, but it also comes with frantic times.

Despite their efforts and hard work, many successful entrepreneurs experience at some point a certain stagnation in the development of their business. Or it grows in such an excessive way that they simply lose their grip. At that point in time they find themselves almost entirely tied up in daily affairs, instead of focussing on the longer term critical success factors.

You are no longer running a start-up. As a CEO you are now dealing with a management team that seems to struggle with the fast growth of your company. You find it difficult to let go and delegate tasks to your team or to leave responsibility in the hands of others all together. Your dream to eventually sell the business successfully seems far off, because your business seems to depend entirely on your hard work and expertise.


Regularly you face questions concerning the operational management and future of your business

  • Are we going in the right direction to ensure we will make a profit now, as well as in the future?
  • How do we attract the right people?
  • How do we keep everyone motivated and on the same wavelength?
  • Is the business well-structured to handle further growth?
  • Will the ICT- and technical facilities be sufficient to keep the business going, even when the size expands?
  • Are the liquid assets sufficient to enable further growth and investments in staff, housing and a good ICT infrastructure? Is there a long-term financial planning and insight in key performance indicators?


Exploiting digital opportunities

And then there is McKinsey, stating that almost every board falls heavily short when it comes to the necessary transformation to the Digital Age!

Numerous organisations lack the understanding of digital trends, necessary to deal adequately with technological opportunities that present themselves in the ICT domain.

Our strength lies in connecting (ICT) technology and business, but also in familiarizing people with digital developments. Enthusing people to accompany us on the journey of constant change and innovation. Because stagnation means decline.


Implementing and realizing the right strategy for future growth together

Entrepreneurs with a fast growing business, should once in a while stand back from the daily hassle to spend some time thinking and re-evaluate the strategy. But often reality shows that there is not enough energy or time to do so. All energy is consumed by the daily operations. How does one break through such a deadlock?

Allow yourself an independent sounding board. Someone who is actively involved in the decision making on outlines and thus very familiar with your business. But also someone who at the same time has enough distance from the daily operations to keep a keen eye on the long term goals. Our twenty five years of senior C-level and entrepreneurial experience can be used in several ways to help you further develop your business.


Starting from a clear vision we can help you to establish the following:

  • Start with the end in mind and determine what is necessary today to take the first steps.
  • Link strategy to day-to-day activities. A long term vision combined with clear milestones supports tranquility in a frantic setting.
  • Facilitating cooperation and providing people with context and perspective.
  • Implementing business affairs and tackling problems.

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