My role in transitions

As part of the leadership team I take part of the (statutory) responsibility on my shoulders in order to guide the envisioned changes to the desired result. So others in the team can spend more time on the daily operation. I love to pass on my experience with teams in fast changing organizations.

I guard the big picture and am fast to observe what is missing and what needs to be developed. With focus on strategy and using my experience regarding (digital) processes as well as people’s behaviour. In the ecosystem of a company all matters take their own place.

Providing the team with a keen view on the heart of the matter we can jointly decide on the necessary measures. Although my role is mostly non-executive, perseverance to get good solutions in place is not unknown to me. I use my experience and intuition to put desired measures on the agenda in a timely fashion. With tranquillity in the process, effective and in a balanced way. Thus, we build firmness and structure, based on support from all involved.

Building leadership teams for midsized companies I bring opposing interests and differences in vision together to a mutual benefit. Using a mix of experience, wisdom and involvement with the team. Knowledge of people, personalities and competences, combined with an empathic approach, provides the ingredients to align different characters and improve team performance.


I would love to make an appointment to discuss this further.

Hans-Peter Evers

M +31 622 791 109