A view on balance

In my view companies are ecosystems. A living system, influenced by a diversity of players (stakeholders) and processes. Equilibrium, with each other and with the environment, is a prerequisite for continuity and growth of the system. Many organizations are out of balance, the equilibrium is disturbed.

A healthy ecosystem only thrives with co-operation and co-operation is built on mutual trust. Everybody should understand his role and (dare to) take responsibility.

Only balanced organizations are in the long term capable to contribute to our future and the future of our children. I love to contribute in building balanced and future proof companies.


How do you do it?

It is of the essence to gain insight in the growth phase of the company ánd the leadership. A company can never develop beyond the development phase of the leadership.

Creating a culture safety is the leadership’s responsibility. When employees feel protected and secure, they can, therefore, focus their time on seizing opportunities and helping the business to thrive.

Culture determines the organization and to create a culture focus on behavior is the key. Leaders should lead by example, integrity and co-operation are important.When the environment at work is one of encouragement, and one that meets the basic human needs to live, to learn, to feel valued and significant, we do more than just survive – we thrive. We soar higher than expected. It’s the leadership’s responsibility to set up the right conditions/environment for this to happen.

Using my insights, knowledge and experience I help leaders of an organization to find and maintain equilibrium. Providing the team with a keen view on the heart of the matter we can jointly decide on the necessary measures.


In this we strive for equilibrium between

  • individual interests and team interests
  • personal development and company development
  • shareholder interests and company interests