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Structuring growth

Private equity investors mostly do not want to be directly involved in directing their participations. However, often specific expertise is needed and in frantic time it is crucial to keep an eye on the big picture. In these situations, I bring tranquillity to the process in an effective and balanced way. In unsecure times I am also an objective and independent sounding board for the various stakeholders.

Every growth phase has its own issues. A clear vision on growth and a clear process are necessary to do the right things in the right time. I work a.o. with the Scaling-Up Method (based on the Rockefeller principles), to employ action directed energy as effective as possible.


60 – 70 % of process and technologyimplementations are a failure

Implementing technologies there often is a lack of knowledge and experience regarding digital methods. There is no support because employees are not convinced of the necessity of the desired change. And when the purpose is not clear there will be little enthusiasm to go the extra mile. My background in ICT provides a firm foundation to build a bridge – in plain language – between technology and user needs.


80 % of project managers sees no relation between projects and strategy

When the added value of a project to the company’s future is not clear, it demotivates people. Actions should take the company a step further along the desired course. So everybody has the feeling that their contribution is meaningful. My strength lies in connecting (ICT) technology, business and people.


> My role in transitions


I would love to make an appointment to discuss this further.

Hans-Peter Evers

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