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A thriving enterprise now and in the future needs good leadership. By adding value to all stakeholders, today, tomorrow and also next year, on creates viability, flexibility, value creation and continuity.


What is good leadership?

  • A clear course (‘dot on the horizon’) with waypoints (focus!)
  • Create a stimulating work environment for all involved
  • Capable leadership team that complements each other, leads by example, has an operational focus and takes corrective actions when necessary
  • Is committed to building trust, value creation and continuity
  • Sound decision making with checks and balances
  • Based on the principles of Good Governance
  • Compliance is a hygiene factor


A clear course

  • Connect long term horizon with short term goals
  • Lay a solid foundation for future growth; in people, processes and (ICT) systems
  • Provide a response to a changing environment, including digital challenges
  • Uses a formula for scaling up and global growth
  • Is reviewed on a regular basis


Stimulating work environment

  • An agile organization with an ‘always improve’ mentality
  • Challenges people and provides room to grow
  • Has the right people in the right place, helps them with their personal development and to maximise their willingness to change.
  • Connects technological opportunities with people’s talent, in order to enlarge the companies’ performance power.
  • Invests in the growth of people ánd organization
  • Discusses (desired) behaviour
  • Has a culture of continuous learning and improvement, based on factual (management) information (KPI’s)