Growing from 30 to 300 people: how do you do it?


Frantic times

When a business grows fast one will encounter frantic times.  The company is out of balance. Almost every fast-growing company reaches a breaking point sooner or later. Some survive and thrive, others disappear entirely. With no time for reflection, the board at that point is swayed by the issues of the day.


Defining strategy and establishing outstanding results

The Netherlands currently counts around 10.000 fast growing companies, almost all facing obstacles when it comes to leadership, strategy, finance, ICT and market positioning. In addition to that most businesses are also confronted with problems concerning succession, take-overs and finding the right business partners.

70 % of family businesses do not survive the first transfer to a new owner
80 % of project managers fail to see the relation between projects and strategy
5 % of management is satisfied about digital transformation
26 % of all managers are under the impression that they determine the organization culture

the majority fails:
60 % of implementing new technology
70 % of implementing new processes
81 % of cultural change


Directing major changes

Fast-growing enterprises regularly face strategic choices that may have serious impact on the future of the company.  To get concrete results, a chosen course needs to be followed up with actions. Directing that transition process demands focused attention of the board. Often there is not enough time and/or know-how available as the day-to-day business also demands lots of attention.

Management from the top no longer fits the increasing pace of a changing environment. Teamwork and ownership provide a better basis for success.

Companies that realize successful growth are often lead by seasoned managers, coming from larger enterprises, that have made significant c-level flying hours in complex environments.


> Defining and establishing future growth together

> Partner in growth, who substantiates tranquility, structure and a clear overview during hectic times


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