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About Hans Peter Evers


Ervaren Non-Executive Director, bestuurder, (digitaal) ondernemer, transition manager

Partner in growth, who substantiates tranquility, structure and a clear overview during hectic times


The people around me know me as a builder of bridges. As a seasoned executive and (digital) entrepreneur I connect interests and people to create mutual success for all involved, with eye for all stakeholders.

Ik weet zelf hoe het is om als directeur/eigenaar van een bedrijf je weg te zoeken in de hectiek die snelle groei met zich meebrengt. Al sinds 1990 ben ik betrokken geweest bij de lancering van diverse innovatieve bedrijfsconcepten en start-ups. Zo mocht ik aan de wieg staan van de eerste concepten op het gebied van interactieve TV. Daarnaast heb ik ook mijn eigen ‘web-based’ (SAAS) meetbedrijf opgezet en succesvol uitgebouwd. En in die hectiek heb ik ook af en toe mijn vingers gebrand.

Controlled change processes (transitions) have always fascinated me and actually all my career I have done nothing else. With a central theme: “How does one persuade people to start moving?” Over the years I have helped revitalize and grow many businesses. Along the way I have encountered a large variety of situations. As a transition manager, I have worked with family owned businesses, private equity owned businesses and listed corporations; helping them with turnarounds, mergers & acquisitions, international growth, as well as the purchasing and selling of (parts of) companies.

Kort samengevat beschik ik naast mijn digitale trackrecord over een stevige dosis ervaring in business management, sales management en marketing in business-to-business markten. Op het vlak van talent assessment en cultuurverandering heb ik ook de nodige know-how opgebouwd. Mijn kracht ligt het verbinden van (ICT) technologie, business en mensen. Mijn achtergrond in de ICT geeft daarbij een stevige basis voor het sturen van digitale transformatie programma’s.

Through ten years of international sales experience I developed a good sense of intercultural differences and how to work with them effectively. Not only was I responsible for a French business unit, for several businesses I have actively been involved in sales & marketing management in Europe and the United States, setting-up an international network or the acquisition of companies and business development.

Often, I hear that I am able to connect people who are polar opposites and to deploy their competences optimally. I believe in the power of individual talents and know we need them for the business. Providing context and perspective to participants – what role do they play? – I succeed in motivating them.

With a master’s degree in Biophysics I am based in Zeist, The Netherlands. Dutch is my mother tongue, and I am able to do business in English, German and French.


Clients commented:
“Hans-Peter, I would like to thank you for your patience and wisdom during the company split-up” (CEO/business owner)
“Hans-Peter brought structure to my company and joint-ventures and then guided the subsequent successful sale of the company” (CEO/business owner)
“Hans-Peter knows how to involve everyone in the process, by providing them with a clear outline” (ICT Application Manager)
“Hans-Peter knows how to convince others, how to involve people in the process and the right questions to ask at C-level” (Process manager/controller)
“Hans-Peter holds an interesting combination of left and right brain hemispheres” (John Kao, author, strategic advisor, jazz pianist)


I would love to make an appointment to discuss this further.

Hans-Peter Evers
E hanspeterevers@tanera.com
M +31 622 791 109