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In family owned businesses different influences are at play than in other organisations. Family interests and shareholder interests are often interwoven with interests of the business and not always transparent. Values such as loyalty, trust and long-term perspective (continuity) are differently charged.

In the last ten years I have been involved in companies with a dominant family component. I difficult situations I know how to reengage the conversation by putting focus on mutual interests and subsequently use that to explore solutions. I feel connected to this kind of companies and people. It fits my view that companies are ecosystems, in which all influences – both from the inside and the environment – should be in balance.


70 % of family owned businesses do not survive the first transfer
Often there is a lack of support. Trust, context and perspective are out of balance. In these situations, I bring tranquillity to the process, in an effective and balanced way. In unsecure times I am also an objective and independent sounding board for the various stakeholders. My focus is on creating continuity, trust and perspective.


> My role in transitions


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