C-level transition management support – Tanera

Organisations behave as ecosystems. Every participant affects the welfare and successes of the whole, and the whole affects every participant’s well-being and successes. This way – everything is cooperative and resulting in ‘Flow’.

We keep track of the main themes and connect strategy with daily practice. In the process, tranquility and a clear overview are important issues, because they generate value for all stakeholders.

Two shareholders of a multinational each had their own vision about the company’s growth possibilities and decided to part ways and split up the enterprise. One of the focus points during this process was to keep all the stakeholders (customers, personnel, suppliers, logistic partners, bank, accountant) motivated and connected to the process.

Tanera guided both parties during the successful company split-up. At the same time methods and systems were further professionalized and a growth percentage of several dozen was continued during the process. One of the shareholders: “I want to thank you for your patience and expertise during the split-up. Thank you so much!”